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    High Efficiency Solar Cells For PV Manufacturers

    A broad range of solar cells for commercial-scale solar module manufacturing. Through our extensive global partner network, we offer a reliable supply of high-quality bifacial, mono PERC, mono and multi solar cells to support both short term and long term production requirements. Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including U.S-based SEIA, we help solar manufacturers and PV developers worldwide lower lead times.

    Our high-efficiency PV cells are suitable for a broad range of module applications including private rooftop installations, commercial and industrial rooftop installations, remote power generators and large-scale power plants on the ground and on the water.


    Contact Information

    0086-576-84168706 (solar module)
    0086-576-84166262 (solar light)

    No.888 Huangjiao Road, Huangyan,Taizhou, Zhejiang, 318020, China


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